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As a Writer-Director, Jarret has created several narrative films, including three feature-length projects:  How Clean Is My Laundry, The Acting Bug and Home Movie.

He's also done several short films, including his latest -- Small Town Movie.

Jarret Directing (1200) by Corrina Palarino.jpg
Photo by Corrina Palarino

As a Video Producer, Jarret has created a wide range of promotional, developmental & archival videos for various business & nonprofit clients. His skills include videography and video editing with both Premiere and Avid.

Jarret has also produced documentary projects, including Community & Country: A Spirit of Service. A dialogue with some Connecticut veterans exploring their experiences and attitudes relating to military service, it was made in conjunction with The Westport Library & Westport Historical Society. (view at this link)

Producer Reel

Writer-Director Reel

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